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World Class Metalwork & Industrial Process Machinery

The principle activity of Eonmetall is in the manufacturing of Steel Storage & racking systems, metalwork and industrial process machinery and equipment, globally accepted high quality flat steel products as well as the easy to assemble and quality assured materials steel storage system.

High Quality Flat Steel

Advance Design

Cost Effective

World Class Manufacturing

Reliable Engineering

Our Products

Eonmetall’s products are globally accepted with market penetration in Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America.

Eonmetall Storage Solutions

Metalwork Machinery & Equipment

Constructor (Gonvarri Material Handling)

Solvent Extraction Plant


Company Announcement

Nature of Business

  • Manufacturing of metalwork machinery and equipment
  • Manufacturing of industry process machinery and equipment
  • Manufacturing of coils and secondary flat steel products
  • Manufacturing of steel storage systems
  • Provider of enterprise solutions and shop floor automation software

Investor Relations