Carton Flow


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Carton Flow

The Carton Flow Picking Unit system is a fast and flexible solution for you to transport components to assembly stations without interruption. You can also easily adjust the shelves and wheels to ensure efficient movement of various sized packages.

The Carton Flow Picking Unit system is flexible enough to allow for changing and evolving warehouse layouts, thanks to the fact that it can be built as a stationary unit, or supplied with lockable wheels.

Alternatively it could also be integrated into pallet racking on any lower levels, below bulk storage, for example.

Core Features

  • Adjustable, ergonomic racks – for ultimate handler efficiency
  • Separate loading and unloading – picking can be carried out uninterrupted on either side
  • High packing-density for carton storage – meaning more floor space
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Straightforward, modular system

Great for line side production

Reduces travel distances and picking times